The High-Impact Speaking Showcase

There is Simply Nothing Like this Anywhere!

Diana Lidstone

Steve's events are always informative; but this event one of the best learning experiences I've ever participated in

Diana Lidstone
The Entrepreneur's GPS

Our Featured Speakers!

Some of these speakers have not yet been fully trained by me and so they bring to the stage only what their own experience has taught them. Others have extensive speaking experience and are here to elevate their game.

On this day, all of them will undergo rigorous live coaching to elevate their performance towards the elite level, and you can be there to learn right along with them.



  • These 10 speakers have participated in a 6-session teleseries to help them craft their message. As part of their program they were offered the opportunity to speak at a live event, in a professional setting complete with stage, curtain, lights and YOU…a live audience.
  • If you have ever been to one of my events, you’ll know the power of live, on-stage coaching. This is a full day of high-impact, real time learning so that you will be able to adopt these skills into your own speaking.
  • You'll be able to cast your vote for: The Most Heartfelt Speaker, The Most Entertaining Speaker and the Speaker Most Ready for the Professional Stage
  • And here’s the best part…you can be a part of it for less than the cost of a half-decent bottle of wine...only $15 USD (Less than $20 CAD)

It's NOT Just About Speaking Skills...

  • Explore new and powerful networking techniques that help you stand out and get noticed
  • Learn branding and positioning techniques that make YOU the only choice for your prospects
  • Skyrocket your income by claiming your space as the known expert in your field
  • Become far more influential by using the three principles of persuasive language every time you present, even if it's just to one person at a time
  • Develop an unstoppable belief in your expertise, your message or your vision

Why is it only $20?'s pretty simple really...we only want serious people in the audience.

This event is only for those who take their business or their speaking skills seriously enough to invest even a tiny amount and then make the effort to join us for this unforgettable and amazing experience.

As you can probably imagine, at just $20 per person we're not making any money from the door.  That's not our purpose.  Our purpose is to do three things:

  1. Provide an exceptionally high-value live event for YOU...local speakers, aspiring speakers and learn skills and techniques that can change your life...all right from your own chair.
  2. Provide a real-life professional speaking environment for our speakers, all of whom have paid to participate in this program.  The showcase is the final day of their training and YOU are their audience.
  3. To provide an opportunity for other serious visionaries just like YOU to be one of our featured speakers at a future showcase event

None of this can happen without you!


You Can Even Vote for Your Favourite Speaker

JJ Brun (The Retired Spy)

I am very grateful and humbled for being voted by the audience to be the recipient of the World Class Speaker Award. I would highly recommend this experience and personal journey/growth to those who have a message that the world needs to hear. Steve Lowell is truly gifted and a master at getting your message out.

JJ Brun (The Retired Spy)
Decoding Human Captial



So if you're ready for an experience that will knock your socks off!  Go ahead and save your seat at this high-energy, high-value event...the High-Impact Speaking Showcase!

Gretchen Schoenstein

I won the World Class Speaker award at Steve’s Speaker Showcase and then six months later received an invitation to speak at Georgetown. I’ve not doubt that opportunity came around because of the skills I gained, confidence and unique-to-me training I experienced working with Steve. Worth every minute.

Gretchen Schoenstein
Finish Line Moments



2901 Gibford Dr, Near the corner of Hunt Club and Uplands

Doors open at 8:30 AM, event begins at 9 AM and we wrap up at 4 PM

There are several lunch options within walking distance, including The Royal Oak, A&W and Lone Star

It's a Day You Will Not Soon Forget!

Reserve Your Seat now!

Doors open at 8:30 AM, event begins at 9 AM and we wrap up at 4 PM

Several lunch options are near by including The Royal Oak, A&W and Lone Star

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